Cheshire Cream (Triple Petal Red Pink Cream Adenium Bonsai Plant) [CODE-HMCC]

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Enrich your living spaces.

Adeniums bloom in vibrantly beautiful colors and easily uplift any ambiance. Bring home the love of Bonsais, and imbibe your living spaces with balance and harmony. When grown as Bonsais, they appear flawlessly natural and organically vibrant.



Easy to grow.

Adeniums can grow healthy and strong with minimal human care. Adeniums just require well-draining warm soil, a few hours of sunlight every day, and watering once in a week, to grow, bloom and thrive.


Perfect indoor plant for all

Adeniums are perfect flowering plants that can be grown indoors, being pet-friendly and needing minimal human care. Consuming minimal space, time and effort, adeniums are perfect for people on the go.


A plant to grow along with

Adeniums are well known for their long life span. When maintained in good health, they can literally live forever. In the Indian tropical climate, Adeniums can easily thrive for well more than 30 Years.


Natural Bonsai

Adeniums possess a natural shape that resembles a bonsai and is easy to craft and experiment with in your first steps toward the Bonsai Life. They produce flowers that are aesthetic and extremely beautiful as the bonsai grows and acquires an identity of its own.


All season Flowering

Adeniums can grow to a height of up to three meters and produce tabular flowers approximately 2-5 cm long. Your adeniums may bloom by the summer of your first year, and by the second year, they can bloom from summer through to early winter or rains.


High Immunity

Being desert plants that are native to the Arabian peninsula and Africa, Adeniums are genetically immune to severe weather conditions. They easily adapt to hot and humid conditions and thrive with minimal human intervention.


Easy Repotting

Adeniums are easy to repot. And with time, they grow in size and shape, maintaining the natural bonsai shape. The plants we provide come with pots and enough potting mixture to last at least 6 months, and will be ready for repotting by this time.



Trumpet-shaped Adenium flowering plant (desert rose).  The package contains a 5-inch black plastic pot, The plants will be approximately this size (Plant Size Figure 1), They come with 5 Inch plastic pot as ready to place. Please keep in mind we are not charging for the size, we are charging for the rare colors we have. We are giving assurance for the color only not the size.


Well-packed container specially designed for online shipping to avoid any damage to the Adenium bonsai plant.


Trumpet-shaped triple petal crimson pearl white flower usually has flowers in a bunch. Best home flowering plant suited for India’s tropical climatic conditions.

  • Color – Red, Yellow.
  • The number of petals – Triple.


Adenium plants (desert rose) can accept a wide range of climatic conditions. Extreme cold says below 0°C and extreme heat says above 40°C are not good for them. Because in these climatic conditions it undergoes a dormant stage that may cause the death of the Adenium plant. Therefore In scorching winter and summer, keep it indoors to protect them. The most favorable condition for them is 30-35°C. They can thrive in moist and well-drained potting mixtures. Wet soil is not suitable for Adenium plants because it causes root rot in Adenium plants.


Different varieties of Adenium plants are available in the market as seed or fully grown Adenium plants. Fully grown Adenium plants needn’t much care but the seeds need care. You can buy it online through many websites, HARVYORA provides a fully matured grafted Adenium plant for you. Therefore after getting a fully matured Adenium plant from HARVYORA. You have to only bother about re-potting, after a few months only.


Yes, you can directly plant it in the well-drained soil of your home garden. Create a proper slope to avoid water holdings or plant it in a plastic, ceramic, or in a clay pot. All have a provision for draining the water well enough.

Adenium grows faster in porous containers because it dries more quickly. Re-potting is to be done only after the old container is filled with thick fleshy caudex. Otherwise, it will reduce the number of flowering, therefore, keeping the caudex above the soil level.

  • While re-potting it can use 50% sand, besides gravel or perlite, and fill the next 50% with coco coir or HARVYORA potting mixture.
  • Keep in mind that you have to keep the caudex above the potting mixture because it brings a good bonsai shape to your Adenium plant.
  • Adenium is a sun lover so it needs 6-8 hours of daylight. Baby Adenium plant can be kept indoors till mature, but it also needs at least 3-4 hours of slight sunlight.



  • Adenium plants should have to get 6-8 hours of sunlight.
  • The favorable range of temperature for the Adenium plant is 30-35 degrees Celsius.
  • Re-potting is done only after the Caudex is overwhelmed by the container.
  • Use a well-drained potting mixture and porous pots because it’s a succulent shrub.
  • Use HARVYORA energizer or other organic fertilizers to accelerate growth.
  • Water Adenium plants 2-3 times a week.
  • Pruning of the Adenium plant is usually done in the spring and early summer seasons.
  • Use sterilized instruments for pruning.
  • Use water-soluble fertilizers.


  • Never overwater your Adenium.
  • Avoid the use of fertilizers in the flowering season.


Adenium is an evergreen season flowering succulent shrub. The best flowering plant needs very little water and care. It can be grown as bonsai by proper pruning, the shape of the container can give a bonsai shape to Adenium plants.


The summer season or spring season is best for pruning because the low temperature is best for the pruning process. Therefore it improves the size of the caudex. Besides V-shaped pots are best suited to have a thicker caudex. Always keep the caudex above the potting mixture, use HARVYORA Adenium energizer for better results.

Water soluble fertilizers improve the Adenium growth drastically. While re-potting washes the caudex and pruning undesirable roots because these methods can have desired results to have a bonsai Adenium plant.



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