Purple Falcon (Double Petal Dark Purple Adenium Bonsai Plant) [CODE-HMPFA]

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Rare trumpet shaped double petal Dark Purple flower. Usually have flowers in bunch. Best home flowering plant suited for India’s tropical climatic conditions.

Flower Color: Dark Purple.

Number of petals: Double.

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What contains in Harvyora Online Adenium plant package?

The plants will be approximately this size (Plant Size Figure 1), They come with 5 Inch plastic pot as ready to place. Please keep in mind we are not charging for the size, we are charging for the rare colors we have. We are giving assurance for the color only, not the size.

Well-packed container specially designed for online shipping to avoid the any damage to the Adenium bonsai plant.

General Description

Adenium Obesum is the best flowering plants in Dogbane family. Native to south of Sahara. This desert plant can grow to 3.3-9.8 feet. Adenium is a sun lover therefore; it needs 6 to 8 hours of day light for better growth.

Family: Dogbane.

Species: A.obesum.

In early growth stages, Adenium can grow in indoor where 2-3 hours of sun light available. Adenium plants are highly tolerant against all weather conditions; that is why it is familiar as desert rose.

It can grow easily in gardens as houseplant. This the best verity of flowering plants and it needs very little care. Not only it rewards you with bright colours of flowers, it is really a tough desert plant which verbally unkillable.

Common name: Desert rose.

Over watering is the villain in culturing them, because over watering can cause root rot in it. Therefore, porous pots and well-drained potting mixture e.g. sand, perlite, coco coir or Harvyora Potting Mixture is preferable for planting Adenium. It can thrive in tropical and sub-tropical arid climate little humid conditions are acceptable. Therefore, it can thrive in Indian tropical climate.

Favourable Conditions,

Adenium plant (desert rose) can accept wide range of climatic conditions. Extreme cold say below 0°C and extreme heat say above 40°C are not good for them. Because in these climatic conditions it undergoes to a dormant stage may cause death of the Adenium plant. Therefore In scorching winter and summer, keep it indoor to protect them. The most favorable condition for them is 30-35°C.  They can thrives in moist and well-drained potting mixtures. Wet soil is not suitable for the Adenium plants because it cause root rot in Adenium plants.

How to plant Adenium?

Different verities Adenium plants are available in the market as a seed or fully-grown Adenium plant. Fully-grown Adenium plants need not much care but the seeds needs care.

Harvyora provides fully matured grafted Adenium plant for you. Therefore after getting a fully matured Adenium plant from Harvyora. You have to re-pot after few months only.

Can we grow Adenium plant on bare soil?

Yes you can directly plant it to the well-drained soil of your home garden. Create proper slope to avoid water holdings or plant it in a plastic, ceramic or in clay pot. All having a provision to drain the water well enough.

For faster growth

Adenium grow faster in porous containers because it dry faster. Re-potting should done only after the old container filled with thick fleshy caudex. Otherwise, it will reduce the number of flowering. Therefore, keep the caudex above the soil level. While re-potting, you can use 50% sand, besides gravel or perlite and fill the next 50% with coco coir or Harvyora potting mixture. Keep in mind that you have to keep the caudex above the potting mixture because it brings a good bonsai shape to your Adenium plant.

Adenium is a sun lover so it needs 6-8 hours of day light. Baby Adenium plant can kept indoor till mature, but it also need at least 3-4 hours of slight sun light.

Is Adenium a succulent plant?

Adenium plants are the best flowering plants in Dogbane family. This plant needs very less amount of water, therefore treated as succulent. Because it needs water 2 or 3 times in a week. Places where get heavy rainfall you have to keep it in indoor or green house to avoid over watering and root rot.

You can use normal fertilizers or Harvyora energizer because for better result Adenium plant need some energizers. Do not use fertilizers in flowering season because it may result in falling of the flower buds.

Adenium Plant care DO’S and DON’TS



  • Adenium plants should have to get 6-8 hours of sunlight.
  • Favorable range of temperature for Adenium plant is 30-35 degree Celsius.
  • Re-potting should done only after the Caudex is overwhelmed over the container.
  • Use well drained potting mixture and porous pots because it is a succulent shrub nature.
  • Use Harvyora energizer or other organic fertilizers to accelerate the growth.
  • Water Adenium plants 2-3 times in a week.
  • Pruning of Adenium plant should done in spring and early summer season.
  • Use sterilized instruments for pruning.
  • Use water-soluble fertilizers.



  • Never over water your Adenium.
  • Avoid the use of fertilizers in flowering season.


How Can We Grow ADENIUM in Bonsai Shape?

Adenium is an evergreen all season flowering succulent shrub. A best flowering plant, which needs very little water, and care. It can be grow as bonsai by proper pruning, the shape of the container can give a bonsai shape to Adenium plants.

V-shaped containers

Before summer season or spring season are best for pruning because low temperature is best for the pruning process. Therefore, it improves the size of the caudex. Besides V shaped pots are best suited to have a thicker caudex. Always keep the caudex above the potting mixture, use Harvyora Adenium energizer for better results.

Water-soluble fertilizers improves the Adenium growth drastically. While re-potting wash the caudex and prune undesirable roots, because these methods can have desired results to have a bonsai Adenium plant.

Flowering Season

Adenium is an all season flowering plant, besides it act as a cactus or succulent in autumn and winter, it act as tropical plant in spring and summer.

They blossoms in spring to mid-summer and again in early autumn months. It is considered as all season flowering garden plant. Pruning of them in spring season and early summer season brings better result. Fertilizers could apply in every season but will have better results if used in early spring season.


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm

2 reviews for Purple Falcon (Double Petal Dark Purple Adenium Bonsai Plant) [CODE-HMPFA]

  1. ANANTA Narjinary (verified owner)

    Very beautiful colour. Started blooming..big caudex. Thanks

  2. sourav maity (verified owner)

    the plant was in very good condition, I’m very happy with it.

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