Adenium is a low maintenance plant which can grow in extreme climate with very less care, they are having wide range of temperature handling ability(0-45 degree Celsius). They are desert plants which require very less water in ideal temperature range, but they need more water if temperature is above 40 degree Celsius, if it is below 10 degree Celsius you can hold the watering plant will undergoes a dormancy period in winter. You can keep your adenium plants indoor in extreme winter and monsoon. Adeniums are desert plant they loves long hours of sunlight, direct or indirect but they need minimum of 3 hours of day light. Adenium loves hot weather in day time and cold weather in nights, sustained exposure of temperature above 40 degree Celsius lead to stunted growth

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, Plant Care, Harvyora Direct or indirect sunlight (minimum of 3 hours a day)
, Plant Care, Harvyora Water 2-3 times a week.( If temprature more than 40oC water generously, If temprature less than 10oC stop watering
, Plant Care, Harvyora 25-35oC
, Plant Care, Harvyora Best time for pruning is early summer. You can induce branching simply by cutting top of the stem at any height.
, Plant Care, Harvyora Well drainage is essential is for your potting mix ( 2 part of perlite or cocopeat, 1 part humus soil). know more.
, Plant Care, Harvyora Adenium blooms all season
, Plant Care, Harvyora Repot every six months. Refund & return Policy is void if repotted before 6 months
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